Be amongst the first to have an NFC business card

Keep one step ahead of the game by impressing your clients with an NFC Plastic Business Card.

We all know that your business card is an important tool when making new contacts and leaving a good impression. The simple business card has developed over recent years from traditional paper based cards to many companies now taking advantage of all the benefits which a plastic business card has to offer. Even the plastic business card has evolved, now taking advantage of the latest technology, the NFC Plastic Business Card is the latest big thing the world of business cards.

With an NFC enabled smartphone, you can transfer all the data from your business card to a smartphone instantly.

The possibilities are endless with NFC technology and there’s no need to download any Apps, a simple tap of your phone does it all!

The chip hidden within the card will ask your phone to do anything once it has been programmed. This could be anything from saving your contact details, loading websites, reports, images or even ask the phone to play music or videos.

Be creative with your networking, you will stand out with an NFC plastic business card!

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