How to create the perfect artwork for your plastic cards

Our all important tips on how to create the perfect artwork for your plastic cards.

Gone are the days when plastic cards were restricted for use as credit or debit cards, today they are used for countless items as loyalty cards, gift or membership cards, photo ID cards or even business cards.

Regardless of how you intend to use your plastic cards it is important that you get the initial design just right. This is where we are here to help – with the below guidelines you can create the perfect artwork for your cards to represent your company in the best light.

Always allow bleed on your plastic card artwork:

You should always extend or ‘bleed’ the background elements and images beyond the edges of he document by an additional 6mm (3mm on all 4 sides). Therefore artwork for a standard credit card size card of 86mm x 54mm will be supplied as 92mm x 60mm. This prevents unwanted white boarders around the edges of your cards once the cards are cut to size.

It is always advised that you avoid placing important elements such as text or logos within 5mm of the edge of your artwork.

For this reason we would advise not to create boarders on your design as any slight movement during the punching process, where sheets of cards are cut down to individuals, can make the design look ‘printed off centre’.

Other important factors to remember:

Take up our offer of a digital or hard copy proof:

With all orders we will provide you with a digital PDF or hard copy proof of your plastic card or key fob before going to print. This representation of your final card, giving you the opportunity to see exactly what they will look like before you give us the approval to print.

If you request a physical proof rather than the digital option, only when you have tested any barcodes, magnetic stripes, checked all spellings and are completely happy with overall look and feel of your plastic cards should you approve the cards for printing.

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