Metallic inks for added security

Here at Company Cards, we produce a range of PVC plastic cards suitable for a multitude or purposes. One type in particular, our RFID cards and more specifically including Legic technology. Legic technology is one of the hardest to break into and we can produce them in house, at our St Helens based factory.

We specialize in the digital printing method for pre-printed cards. Although after purchasing a print finishing business earlier in the year, called Finishing Touch Ltd, Company Cards can now print via a screen print method also.

This allows for additional security inks and also metallic inks to be printed on the cards with specialist colours such as gold or silver metallic. Alongside our UV inks we can produce smart and original looking designs which increase the security of your card products.

You are also not limited to the use of these cards, as our inks can be used within a variety of plastic card products, access control, memberships and ID cards. Using invisible inks are incredibly beneficial to check the legitimacy of your cards and their user rights to the card also. Names, logos and numbers can be printed in the ink and revealed under ultra violet light.

These options reinforce a higher level of security with your product which we highly recommend to many of our customers.

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