5 things to consider with our events passes


Events passes are the perfect solutions for maintaining good organisation and here and Company Cards our plastic event passes are second to none.

We produce plastic events passes in many forms, for one off events, for long term use and for VIP events. Below we have listed 5 things to consider when looking purchasing you cards.

  1. Do you plan on the cards containing a form of technology? Our most popular technology, which is requested on a regularly basis, are barcodes. They’re an easy to use, easy to produce and affordable option. However simple numbering on artwork is just as popular.
  1. Colour coding your artwork if your event will include exclusive passes or VIP Badges. Pick contrasting colours or something that is easily identifiable. In particular if the card will be on display hung around somebodies neck.
  1. Will you need them to be compact or would you like them to be on display for door staff and stewards to notice easily? We can produce smaller custom cut cards, standard 92mm by 60mm (credit card size) or larger such as our 100mm by 70mm.
  1. How will they be disposed of after the event? We can produce Eco friendly cards which are requested for outdoor events and festivals. They harmlessly breakdown after 30 days of being disposed of.
  1. Lastly will they need to be slotted to be accompanied by a lanyard or holder? For example, many corporate events require people to wear there passes around their neck or have their card easily accessible. Therefore artwork should be thought out before requesting a slot or hole to ensure nothing important is cut out of the cards during production.

These are just 5 things that spring to mind when we are process any orders for event passes. However, should you have any more questions we would be happy to assist. Contact us today on 01744 815 475 or via email at sales@companycards.co.uk

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