Custom Gift Cards

custom gift cards case study - Cowshed

The Client

Soho House’s Cowshed brand is inspired by their original Cowshed Spa at Babington House in Somerset. With further locations in Carnaby Street and Holland Park, London, they offer and opportunity to relax and unwind without any (in their own words) “whale music or clanging cymbals”.

They also produce an indulgent range of accompanying products that are inspired by mother nature.

The Requirement

Soho House asked Company Cards to produce plastic gift cards for their luxury Cowshed brand of spas and related products.

The Solution

Our gift cards were the perfect fit for Soho House.  They are sold at 8 Cowshed spas and can be redeemed at these same locations. As we print directly on to the core of the plastic card they are long lasting and waterproof.

We have numerous gift card options ranging from cards that are simply printed with a monetary value on them, through to cards that incorporate barcodes or magnetic strips that can be integrated with your system.

Get in touch in you’d like more information about our gift card options.

Cards in Action