Personalised Membership Card


The Golfing Union Ireland (GUI) is the oldest Golf Union in the world with over 430 clubs and a membership database of over 300,000.

Members gain entry to the sites with the use of a plastic smart card which is personalised with their details and contains an encoded magnetic stripe.

With a union of this magnitude it is highly important that the plastic card not only be durable but reflects the prestigious benefits open to all their members.

At the time of working with the GUI the smart card industry was a new venture for Company Cards and one that we were keen to explore.

After initial discussions with the GUI and a series of plastic card samples were created and tested, work commenced on the order. On average 50,000 cards were produced each week and shipped to a partner company to have the smart chips milled and embedded into each card. The cards then went through a process of having the magnetic stripes encoded and personalised data overprinted on to the surface of the membership card.

After final quality control checks were made the printed membership cards were sent to our fulfilment house were they were attached to letters, enveloped and repacked for delivery to each individual club and then on to the Union members.

“This was a large project, taking approximately six months from beginning to end. It was very exciting to be part of something new and what I feel was a vital learning curve for future Smart Card orders. There were many different aspects and procedures involved in this order and each day was an exciting new challenge, which I feel we dealt with efficiently and professionally.”
- Leanne Macklin
Business Development & Account Manager, Company Cards

Cards in Action