RFID Season Tickets

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When a Premier League Football Club approached Company Cards in January 2010 looking for ways to increase the quality of their club Season Tickets, they could see that our RFID cards were the obvious choice.

Moving on from the plain white, overprinted plastic cards, which the client had previously been supplied with, we are able to offer a full colour, digitally printed RFID card, personalised and encoded with variable data.

RFID cards created by Company Cards are digitally printed directly on the plastic core of the card which is then pressure laminated with PVC, protecting the print from scratching or wearing away over time. This production method produces a high quality, full colour printed card that can, if required, incorporate additional features such as photo identification or magnetic stripe.

For the high profile football club, were accurate representations of their brand is vital, the cards are a perfect solution to their requirement.

Along with production of the RFID Season Tickets and personalised plastic membership cards, we also assist in the fulfilment process which follows. The Season Ticket packs include several personalised items and it is essential that the correct items are sent to the correct Season Ticket holder. To ensure that this is the case we print a unique 2D barcode on the individual letters at the time of over printing and personalising the main body of the letter. The barcode is positioned to be visible through the window of the envelope which contains the full Season Ticket pack. Once the pack is completed the envelope is scanned, detecting the details of the RFID card inside, a second scan, this time of the barcode on the letter then confirm that the correct card is enclosed. The specialist software which Company Cards had written for this project enables us to feed back to the client daily reports of how many cards have been encoded and verified and will also detect if any cards are missing or have been duplicated.

The client has been most impressed with both the products, service and turnaround provided which has resulted in Company Cards supplying the clubs Season Tickets and plastic membership cards for the past 3 years. Plans are now well underway for the 2013/ 2014 season cards which will begin production during the summer of 2013.

“Company Cards provide great products and excellent customer service. They have a great deal of knowledge about their products and will always work hard to meet demands. I would highly recommend them to any business”
- A Premier League Football Club

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