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Eco Cards

Are you ready to join the green revolution?

As the world continues to become committed to a greener future, we understand eco friendly products are a must. We have invested heavily in research (including ongoing testing by a range of European partner labs) into the eco-friendliest substrates available. we’ve sourced some of the strongest and highest quality material on the market to allow us to produce eco cards that will exceed your expectations. With a strong environmental focus, we’re constantly striving to enhance our eco portfolio to match the growing demand from our customers who are looking to shift towards a more sustainable card.

Recyclable & Degradable

Eucalyptus Card

The Eucalyptus card is a ground-breaking product that launched in August 2020 due to a growing demand from within the industry and from our customers. The product is 100% degradable and recyclable making it the ultimate option for those looking to join the green revolution with a more eco friendly approach.

The finished card is completed to 760 micron and priced at 3.5p extra per card.


Agave Card

This is our standard eco card and is also 100% degradable. We’ve produced and sold close to 500,000 of this card since it launched in 2019 whilst quickly becoming one of the most popular products in our range of cards.

The finished card is completed to 760 micron and is a cheaper alternative to the Eucalyptus card.


Both of our eco cards are extremely versatile due to the material used to produce the cards. This means that they can be developed for majority of cards types including business cardsmembership cards and loyalty cards.

There are also a host of added features and extras that can be added to take your cards to the next level including embossing, personalisation, gloss and fulfilment is also available.


The material used to create our Eucalyptus product is a rigid PVC film that is produced with an additive making it degradable, when left in a microbe rich environment such as biologically active landfill. If left in organic compost, it will degrade. The film is also recyclable via PVC recycling facilities.

The material used to create our Agave card is a degradable substrate has been independently tested (ASTM D5511). This substrate decomposes and breaks down in an environmentally acceptable way (into constituents like water and carbon dioxide) when put in an oxygen free environment. This is possible while maintaining the same durability and flexibility of a standard card.

Our Green Processes

With ISO14000 standards now a necessity for many organisations and an increasing awareness of the need for businesses to consider the environment in all their operations, sustainability is an issue that most businesses now take seriously. Our cards can comply with company sustainability policies and make a valuable contribution to your commitment to the environment.

As a company, we seek to reduce our environmental impact at every opportunity. We are signed up to the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture scheme. We recycle our waste wherever possible. We utilise a PVC recycling facility, who send zero PVC to landfill. This means that the whole card production process is better for the environment when you opt for Company Cards.

Contact the Eco Experts

If you’re looking to get involved in the green scene, get in touch with our eco experts who will guide you through the order process providing the best advice and guidance to suit you requirements.
Contact our friendly Sales Team on 01744 815475 to discuss your Eco Card requirements today.

Optional Extras

  • Barcode
  • Braille
  • Embossing
  • Encoding
  • Foiling
  • Gloss
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Matt
  • Personalisation
  • QR Code
  • Scratch
  • Signature Panel

“I just wanted to thank Leanne and the team for all their help, and the excellent service received following our job order for loyalty cards. As I explained to you at the time, this was a little out of my comfort zone, and I really needed some help and advice. You were brilliant in your communications, and service, and the job was turned round in a few days.

I really appreciated your help, and the service was great, so thank you very much. It was great to work with a professional company who know what they are doing and one which is willing to help. Thank you again for a great job.”

Tony Acheson – Technical Sales Manager – Wallace Printers Ltd

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