5 things to Consider With Events Passes

Events passes offer so much to your event. It’s more than just card. It can ensure speedy access, control crowd numbers, collect data, display key information and so much more. When you’re deciding on what you want in your event passes, there can be a lot to consider.

To help you on your journey to ordering the perfect cards for your event, we’ve put together 5 things you should consider when looking at ordering event passes;

  1. Do you plan on the cards containing a form of technology? Barcodes, QR codes, chips? Depending on what your event is, the number of attendees then maybe you need more than a simple branded plastic card. Maybe you want to track entry through contactless technology which we can help support you with.
  1. Design is everything. Whether it’s exclusive sports passes or VIP Badges, your attendees want something that looks smart especially if they’re going to be wearing it all day. Think about your brand, does the design match your company colours? Think about the information you’re having on the passes, is it easy to see and read?
  1. Size matters. What are the cards being used for? This can make a big difference on what size you may need. We can produce over 250 custom cut sizes if you’re looking for something bespoke depending on what your event is. Work conference, festival, concert, sporting event? Each one of these requires something different in our experience to make the most of your event so you should be clear about what size you may need for your plastic cards before you order.
  1. How will they be disposed of after the event? This may not be top of the list but it should be. We’re always looking at ways to help the environment and offering our customers eco friendly alternatives to traditional plastic cards has become key for us. At Swype, we can produce both recyclable and degradable personalised cards for outdoor events and festivals to name a few.
  1. Lastly, do you need more than just a card? With our three decades of experience, we often produce branded lanyards and card carriers to support the cards. Will they need to be slotted to be accompanied by a lanyard or holder when sending out to attendees? For example, many corporate events require people to wear there passes around their neck or have their card easily accessible. Therefore, artwork should be thought out before requesting a slot or hole to ensure nothing important is cut out of the cards during production.

These are just 5 things that spring to mind when we are process any orders for event passes but if you have a unique question then our team is on hand to support. Contact us today on 01744 815 475 or enquire here.

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