Get your message displayed with a plastic door hanger from Company Cards

Long gone are the days when plastic door hangers were limited to ‘Don’t Disturb’ signs found hanging on your hotel door. Now door hangers are used in all sorts of businesses and organisations, you can find them in schools to display messages such as ‘exam in progress’ or in testing areas in laboratories to say ‘testing in progress – do not enter’.  You can even find them in doctors or dentists surgeries as a method to indicate that a private patient meeting is taking place. The lists are endless!

All plastic door hangers produced at Company Cards are digitally printed in full colour and finished with a gloss or matt laminate, making them waterproof as well as tear proof. The plastic is not only hard wearing but protects the quality of the print underneath giving your door hanger a longer shelf life than you would have with a paper hanger.

As we digitally print our plastic cards we have the capability to personalise the hangers with unique messages or names. This has proven to be quite useful for one of our clients who personalises the hangers with variable data and a barcode for use as car parking passes which hang from the rear view mirror of their members cars. We have also seen them used in car dealerships and as novelty items.

Although practical for communicating messages door hangers are also a fun creative way to market a special offer, promotion or future event. Many hotels are now taking advantage of the full colour double sided print available on their door hangers to promote their in house restaurants or to display a voucher code which entitles the holder to discounted drinks at the hotel bar.

Here are some of the most popular uses for plastic door hangers:

  • Car Parking Passes
  • Car Dealerships
  • Do Not Disturb  / Occupied signs
  • Exam in Progress / Quite Please
  • Do Not Enter
  • Meeting Taking Place / Meeting in Progress
  • Shh my Baby is sleeping
  • Be Right Back

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