How to Make Your Plastic Loyalty Cards More Effective

With more plastic loyalty cards on the market, how can yours be more effective? Better targeting and communications can have a greater impact.

More and more of people may have signed up to loyalty schemes, but how many really take advantage of the plastic loyalty cards in their wallets? By looking at your scheme in more detail, you can create an efficient product that customers will want to be a part of and use regularly.

Plastic loyalty cards are still extremely popular, but they’re not always used to their full potential. A quarter of consumers don’t use the rewards that they’ve built up, often due to the fact that they’re unaware of what they could exchange them for. As well as this, customers sign up for the plastic cards but don’t always keep them in their wallets, so can’t take advantage of them when they make a purchase.

One way of encouraging more people to use their cards regularly is to target your offerings better. Not every shopper behaves in the same way or makes the same purchases. So it’s important that whenever you’re speaking with them you understand exactly what their personal requirements are.

Many loyalty schemes regularly send their customers special offers or vouchers to spend in store. It’s important that these are unique to the customer and based on their individual shopping data. This way, the customer will think that they’re getting a personalised approach and will be more likely to use vouchers that are aimed directly at them. One business that does this well is Tesco. When they send out discounts to their 12 million active users there are over 6 million different variations, making them more relevant to the individual customer.

Not only is the quality of the communication important with plastic loyalty cards, but also the frequency of it. One of the reasons many consumers stop using their cards is because they feel forgotten about and are unsure of the benefits of the scheme. By keeping in regular communication with your customers, you can help them to see how rewarding the scheme is and what they could exchange their points for.

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