Make plastic membership cards work for you

Plastic membership cards and plastic business cards work effectively to help brand and promote your organisation or business.

Nobody wants to have a wallet full of torn and tatty cards. Plastic membership cards can be something that your customer or member feels proud to own and can help to cement their relationship with your organisation.

Plastic membership cards are vastly more durable than paper-based equivalents. They can also assist you with security issues at venues. They may either be manually checked at entry or can be magnetically encoded for automatic verification. Either option allows you to monitor usage by your members and prevent non-members accessing and using facilities. Cards can be personalised with the holder’s name and can include a unique membership number. They can also be embossed.

Plastic membership cards help in making the holder feel more important and connected to your organisation. Sending one out every year can be a useful prompt to encourage membership or subscription renewal. Since no two organisations are the same, plastic card printing can be customised to your specification. Handing over a plastic business card can really help in projecting a professional image to your clients from the outset, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

Plastic business cards are an excellent way in which to convey key messages about your company. They are also durable, ensuring that a positive initial impression becomes a lasting one. This contrasts sharply with a cardboard card which can all too quickly become dog-eared or creased.

A plastic card is also more likely to stand out amidst a bundle of cardboard cards and is easy to slip in and out of a card holder, wallet or purse without tearing.

For anyone concerned about the use of plastic, cards now come in eco-friendly biodegradable materials that will break down within 39 months without any negative environmental impact. Choosing this technology allows you to demonstrate your green credentials to potential clients.

With an experienced team of designers, technical advisers and press operators on hand, we can produce and deliver customised plastic cards. Finished to a high standard, they are ready to be presented to your members or customers.

So whether you are looking for plastic membership cards, upgrading from cardboard to a plastic business card, or perhaps both, why not take a further look round our site and contact our friendly team for information and advice.