Plastic business cards for the best first impression

Improve what your clients to think about you. With plastic business cards you can create a great first impression.

Plastic business cards are becoming more and more popular with companies in a variety of different industries. They are current and professional, and can offer a great first impression to your clients. As well as the aesthetic, from a logical point of view they are also a lot more durable than there paper predecessors and have a lengthier shelf life.

What do plastic business cards say about the companies that use them, and are they the right option for you? It is important to remember that for many of your clients and or contacts your business card is the item of branding they are likely to come across, the first time they are likely to see your logo and your company colours. So the impression you wish to make needs to be clear and well executed.

When making your final decisions about the material and design of your new business cards it is important to take into consideration your branding in general too, research has found that different colours can provoke very different reactions in people. And when going to so much trouble in making a worthy first impression with shiny new plastic business cards it is a good opportunity to step back and ask, what do your company colours say about you (your business)?

For example blue is the most popular choice (an enormous 33% of the world’s top brands use blue in their logo and or general branding). One reason for this could be that it is thought to be a relaxing colour, as it is reminiscent of the sea and the sky. Or for a bolder impression red tends to give a more bold impression portraying energetic and almost aggressive ideas, it is definitely a stand out choice. There are many different concepts that you may wish to show and there is not a whole lot of room on your glossy new plastic business cards to do that so a correct colour choice can make all the difference. To suggest positivity and motivation, the recommendation is yellow; it is warm and light and a popular choice for the household or food industries.
There are of course many more colours that say very different things to potential clients but the point is to consider what your first impression will be. And as business cards are commonly the very first point of contact they are a good place to start.