ID cards roll out in London

A new way to tackle under-age, drinking due to using other peoples identity.

From February 8th the new type of plastic ID card which has been describe as the answer to an ongoing problem will be launched and rolled out in London. The new type of plastic card which costs £30 will provide a convenient way for people to prove identity and age. Over the last 3 years a sharp increase in both lost and stolen passports belong to people under the age of 30 due to people using them on a night out.

This is all related to the national clampdown on under-age drinking, the new plastic ID card is deemed to be the new universal proof of age id. The plastic cards will just be like any other card similar size to a driving licence, debt or credit card.

It’s already been mentioned that over 16,000 people have already registered and expressed interest in the new card. From next month to the 30 June you will be able to apply for the new  plastic ID card on the Directgov website.