Plastic Loyalty cards for a new year’s loyalty scheme

Plastic loyalty cards are a great way to start a loyalty scheme this New Year.

Plastic Loyalty cards are great way of ensuring that your customers continue to choose your services over those of your rivals time and again. Due to the continued difficult economic climate, the festive season 2012 may prove to be a barometer of the future sustainability of many retail and service driven businesses in the UK. One retailer has described the situation using the analogy of a cake: “in previous years, the run up to Christmas was the icing on the cake, now we are becoming increasingly depended on the season’s takings to provide the actual cake”. Have you noticed that the bulk of your annual profit is being generated in the festive season rather than spread across the year? Why not try issuing plastic loyalty cards to the seasonal clients/ customers during this period? So when you provide them with fantastic quality services or products, they have even more incentive to return to your shop at other periods in the year. Plastic cards from Company Cards are the perfect option, as they can be placed in a purse or a wallet and remain there ready for use. Plastic cards have many benefits over cardboard variants, such as lasting longer and looking more professional. They can also be equipped with magnetic strips, thus allowing the card to hold details for use at the till. This means that you can offer more complex deals such as point collection and subsequent rewards. An alternative for simpler plastic loyalty cards is to offer a fixed discount upon production of the card at the till.
Another great benefit of plastic loyalty cards for a business looking to develop long term marketing strategies is the opportunity for legitimate data collection. Initially you can ask applicants to fill in a form in order to access the full benefits of the card, this means that you now have a fully subscribed mailing list for both standard mailshots and e-shots. If you opt for plastic cards that collate information from use, you can also build profiles of clients broken down by various markets that can then be incorporated into your marketing efforts. This means that you can create highly specific campaigns which are accurately aimed at your clients demographic.
Company Cards offers high quality plastic card printing services at competitive prices. Why not contact a member of our friendly team to discuss a potential project?