The Guildford Flames are an elite ice hockey team who compete in the top-tier of hockey in the United Kingdom.

As a long standing customer of Swype since 2013, for nearly 10 years we have supported Guildford Flames with a variety of card and print material. Their latest requirement focused on the complete 360 card experience that we offer through our Swype Plus service.

This included their regular order of personalised season ticket cards complete with a bespoke team design alongside fans details and seat numbers. To reduce the admin and also ensure the highest professional service to their supporters, they required Swype to print supporter letters and attach the cards to as well as us taking care of the mailing fulfilment for over 1000 units.

Once the order had been dispatched, Guildford Flames also took advantage of our bureau service where we hold extra cards for them to request when they need them for new supporters or replacements.

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