Protect and promote your business with plastic ID cards  

Plastic ID cards are used in thousands of settings including businesses, clubs and schools. Not only do they protect, they also promote.

Plastic ID cards are usually issued where there is something to protect whether it be money, information, valuable data or people. The primary aim of plastic ID cards is security as they can be issued to restrict or authorise access to certain areas of a building, factory or complex.

They make it simple to tell at a glance whether someone should or should not be in the building and so eliminating the possibility of someone simply wandering in off the street whether they’re intent on theft or an irritated customer wanting to make a complaint.

Even though their primary use is in security, plastic ID cards can also foster a sense of belonging for company employees and customers. Even the most basic of plastic business cards displaying just the company logo and the cardholder’s name can work wonders.

Employees in large organisations usually spend the majority of their time communicating with each other by phone or e-mail, so a photo ID card helps team members recognise and get to know each other if they happen to meet in the canteen or corridors.

Employees can also feel that the plastic cards are being used to monitor their working patterns. To off-set this, some companies have introduced incentive schemes together with their plastic ID cards, such as giving staff discounts at local gyms or restaurants on presentation of their card. This ensures that employees are more inclined to use and wear them and in turn, promotes the business to the public.

An ID card, unlike a business card, usually features the card holder’s photo, name, job title and department and is worn attached to a cord around the neck, clipped to the belt or on a badge. As with many security systems, the ID card system can be subject to misuse and most employees are expected to sign contracts stating that they won’t share their cards and will immediately make a report if they are lost or stolen.

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