Enhance your plastic ID cards with RFID technology

If you’re looking for secure plastic ID cards then use RFID technology. We can produce a range of plastic cards to suit your needs.

Businesses are becoming ever more security conscious and wish to ensure that only employees have access to their buildings. Plastic ID cards are a cost effective means by which to quickly and easily identify people entering your sites. If you want to use the latest technology within your plastic cards, then you may wish to consider incorporating an RFID chip into them.

What is RFID technology?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a contactless method for reading information. The plastic ID cards manufactured with a chip that contains all the necessary personal information. This is then transmitted wirelessly and is picked up by an RFID reader. Unlike traditional magnetic and barcode cards, an RFID card doesn’t have to be swiped or scanned. It can be read simply by being placed close to the reader and can be used through most materials.

What are the advantages of RFID cards?

Using RFID plastic ID cards can have a number of benefits for your business. As they are digitally printed directly onto the plastic base, they can be personalised with a photo and text. The PVC laminate cover prevents wear and tear.

This technology can speed up access to your sites, as it can be used hands free and the reading process is rapid. Unlike scanning or swipe machines, an RFID reader can read more than one card at a time, ensuring that employees are not delayed by access procedures even at busy times of the day. You can define multiple access levels within your locations, by restricting access to certain areas, which further increases site security.

There’s also the opportunity to keep track of employees and know exactly who is coming in and out of the business and when. If employees know they are being monitored, this may increase productivity and reduce downtime.

One of the major benefits of RFID chips is that they can be updated when necessary, allowing you to increase someone’s security clearance at the touch of a button. This further reduces operating costs, with no requirement to print an entirely new card if someone changes position or department.

We can use the latest digital print and RFID technology to create plastic ID cards. For further information on our full range of products, including plastic business cards, please contact a member of our team.