Serve Up the Best with Plastic Membership Cards

Using plastic membership cards for a restaurant can be an ideal in attracting customers. Use these plastic cards to offer a range of benefits.

However impressive your restaurant may be, it can sometimes be hard to keep the customers coming back. Weekends might be busy, but you’ve still got to keep the tables full mid-week and that’s not always easy. By introducing plastic membership cards for your customers, you can incentivise them to visit more regularly.

Whether you use them for your own individual business or join with a group of local establishments, plastic membership cards are a great means by which to provide special offers and benefits to a select group of people. These are customers who already eat at your restaurant; by issuing them with these plastic cards you can allow them to return for less.

By showing their plastic ID cards when they order, customers can take advantage of whatever offer you may have on at the time. These can be promoted online or through personalised mailings, encouraging people to visit the restaurant on traditionally quieter days. For example you could offer a 2 for 1 on selected meals or a free drink with every main course. The possibilities are endless and customers who are paying a little less are better than no customers.

Offering plastic membership cards makes customers feel part of a unique group. Rather than just being another customer in the restaurant, they see themselves as a regular and feel appreciated by the business. This building of customer loyalty is essential in attracting new customers and retailing loyal stalwarts. Those who like the ambience of the place, as well as the food, will be more likely to recommend the restaurant to their friends.

It’s far easier to know who your customers are, where they’re travelling from and how often they visit if they have plastic membership cards. These can include a magnetic strip, holding selected data about the customer, which is then picked up by your computer system. This can be used to target specific customers with offers or mailings. So if a customer hasn’t visited for a while you could send them an exclusive voucher or a special offer for the most regular visitors.

If you’re looking for plastic membership cards for your restaurant then speak to Swype. We offer a range of plastic card solutions, providing benefits for you and your customers. Our team are always available if you require any further information.

example of restaurant membership card