Get Set For Summer with Plastic Membership Cards

Summer is here, so have your plastic membership cards ready; plastic ID cards are great at incentivising visitors to return.

Summer is the time when everyone starts visiting local attractions, from parks and museums through to theme parks and zoos. Unfortunately the season is only short and it can be hard to convince people to visit at other times of the year. A great way of incentivising them to return is through the use of plastic membership cards.

You can offer plastic ID cards to your visitors either as part of their ticket or for a small fee, depending on the size of the attraction and the benefits you intend to offer. Card holders can subsequently use the plastic cards to access a range of benefits when they visit again. Clearly these benefits are dependent upon your business, but could include discounted entry, free return entry, discounts on food and drink, special offers in the gift shop or exclusive entry to events.

This is a fantastic way in which to develop customer loyalty; people are happy to return somewhere if they feel welcome. By holding these plastic cards they become part of an elite group and feel that they’re getting something special and better than ‘standard’ visitors. If they are being rewarded for visiting, they are far more likely to recommend your attraction to family and friends as a good value day out.

In giving out plastic membership cards, you can have a better idea as to when people are visiting, because the plastic cards can include magnetic strips or varaible barcodes that are swiped on entry. This may also provide the holder with faster entry than that available with standard tickets.

Using plastic membership cards is a useful way of obtaining data for your marketing campaigns. Customers can to fill in an application form including address and email details. You can use this information to create ever more targeted marketing based upon their visits. If you’re holding special events, you can send out details in advance to ensure that card holders get first access to tickets. For customers who haven’t visited for a while, a leaflet through the post or via email might just prompt them to come back.

At Company Cards we offer a wide range of plastic membership cards for our clients. We can create unique designs, styles and shapes, as well as handle personalisation. For further information or to discuss your project, please speak to a member of our team.