Tips on Creating the Perfect Plastic ID Cards

What should be included on your plastic ID cards? Follow these top tips and you’ll create functional plastic cards for your business.

Businesses today require more security features than ever before. Even in the smallest of offices you need to verify your identity and have security access. In utilising personalised plastic ID cards, your employees will be able to go freely about the building without compromising security levels.

One of the main advantages of having these plastic business cards is that they can be encoded to create additional security features. Depending on your requirements they can include a magnetic stripe, bar code or even a hologram or RFID technology for more secure facilities. There is also the facility with today’s plastic ID cards to create different security levels for employees, allowing some access to certain areas but not others.

The encoded plastic cards can hold a substantial amount of information, far more than can be displayed on the face of the card. When it comes to the visual design of the card you will need to carefully consider what you want to include. Otherwise there might be important details that are missed off and it would be costly to have to re-print the entire batch. The information you include plays an important role in not only quickly identifying the member of staff, but in allowing them access to facilities.

If you require ID cards that are harder to copy then plastic versions are ideal. In contrast with paper cards, plastic technology requires a special printer and a specific design. The photo and text are part of the overall card design and are printed directly onto the plastic, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent use.

Plastic ID cards are also far more durable than the paper alternatives. The plastic will last for many years without deteriorating in quality, meaning you will save money by not having to replace cards quite as often. They can be punched and attached to badges or lanyards making them easily visible and usable. Alternatively, if they’re not used quite as often, they will easily fit into pockets or wallets without impairing their quality.

It is easy to see why plastic is becoming an ever more popular choice for ID cards. At Company Cards we’re experts in creating plastic ID cards. If you have any questions or require a quote please don’t hesitate to contact us.