A Hat Trick of Cards to Get Set for Next Season

With the re-introduction of fans hopefully back into stadiums for the 2021-22 season, it’s important to get prepared for the new season. There’s lots to sort for many football clubs across all levels in the summer. Whether that’s getting the next big transfer sorted or laying new turf down on the pitch. But one of the biggest priorities will be getting ready to welcome fans back as we all have learnt this season, football without fans is nothing.

At Swype, our expertise of supporting dozens of clubs across the football pyramid with our plastic card products has placed us as one of the go to card providers for the industry. From global Premier League juggernauts to small non-league clubs, we deal with them all.

Our product range means we have a variety of options to suit your club including choices of cards for season tickets, staff passes and club shop cards.

We’ve put together a hat trick of card products to help your club get set for next season.

1) ID Cards

ID cards are the most popular plastic card choice for many football clubs. Used commonly for season tickets and also for executive box passes, plastic ID cards are the go to option. We offer a range of identification cards whether it’s photo ID, RFID or even NFC compatible cards. More clubs are now going for the advanced option of placing a chip inside the card depending on their requirements. This allows a seamless entry into stadiums and grounds allowing a greater fan experience whilst ensuring safety regulations are met by restricting access to unauthorised personnel.

We also have a state of the art manufacturing facility able to digitally print any bespoke design you would like on your season ticket cards. You can match your cards with your club colours or even add your badge to it. Whatever you want the cards to look like, we can print and produce them.

Plus, it’s not just your supporters who can benefit from our ID card options, it’s also your whole club. Alongside season tickets, we can also offer staff ID passes that can be personalised to the exact details you require.

Check out our full range of ID cards here.

2) Gift Cards

The benefits of a gift card for football clubs are endless. These are a great way to gain extra revenue whilst enabling fan engagement across all levels of your club. Commonly used as part of seasonal campaigns and promotions to push new merchandise items such as replica kits, more and more clubs are opting for bespoke gift cards which they can sell online or in stores. With our experience in the sports industry, the choice of personalised gift cards is rising every year even more so during COVID.

Many football clubs are using gift cards to allow supporters to buy for themselves or use as a present for a family member or friend to then purchase club merchandise in the future. It’s a really creative way to grow your fan base, drive revenue and boost the image of your club.

You can find out more about them here.

3) Membership Cards

Majority of clubs now likely have some sort of fan club or membership scheme. We can produce membership cards that allow your supporters to have a tangible product showing their club loyalty whilst reaping the benefits of it through exclusive member promotions.

Plus, with all of our plastic card products, we believe they should work for both the user which in your case is the fan as well as your club. It’s not just supporters who can enjoy the benefits of a membership card, you’re also able to track their behaviour to better upsell new products that suit them. Not forgetting, it allows you to create stronger customer retention and gain further insight into fans personas.

Learn more about what membership cards can do for you here.

With all of our card choices, the designs can be as creative and as bespoke as you like. These are just some of the choices we think with our knowledge and expertise that could benefit your club. However, we also have a number of other plastic card products that may fit your club strategy. This includes eco-friendly options if you’re looking to become more green or our new anti-microbial card which can help your club adjust to the post COVID climate.

Looking to assist your cards with some print?

We also have a full printing service able to produce branded brochures, supporting display carriers or even help with any direct mail fulfilment for your club.

Why Swype?

For nearly three decades, we’ve supported football clubs of all shapes and sizes with their plastic card needs. Each year, we produce up to 20 million cards for all industries and specifically hundreds of thousands of these produced for some of the most well-known football teams in the world. Our expertise as a short run specialist who is able to deliver a fast turnaround means we can help you get set for the season. To get your order started, fill in your details here.

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