Attracting Students with Plastic Membership Cards

As the new term starts, plastic membership cards are good for students. Plastic ID cards with discounts will encourage them to visit you.

With the start of the new academic year just around the corner, it’s important that you start planning your marketing approach for the student population. With many of them moving into the area, it’s important that they’re aware of the different brands that are available and what you can offer them in terms of discounts and offers. Plastic membership cards are a great way of achieving this.

Students are always trying to get the most that they can from their limited budgets, so it’s important that they know the savings they can achieve. They’re likely to go where the best deals are and a membership card can help you to promote these to them. Once they’ve got their cards, you can offer them a range of incentives, including free drinks, percentage discounts or exclusive student-only events.

Plastic cards are much more durable than the alternatives, which makes them a great choice for students. At the start of the year, they’ll collect numerous different cards which will then all be stored in their wallets and purses. A plastic card will last much longer than a card one, which means they’ll be able to continue using it throughout the year rather than throwing it away.

With students having so many plastic membership cards, you need to make sure that yours stands out and is instantly recognisable. With plastic cards you can create a more unique and memorable impression with the use of strong colours, or the card can be cut into a particular shape. The membership card can also be personalised to provide the perception of a more valuable asset.

Students might have a limited budget, but they’re also happy to spend it on enjoying themselves. Therefore it’s important that you know exactly how to target your marketing specifically at this group. The membership card application forms will contain details of their emails and phone numbers, allowing you to send them information about the brand and any additional special offers. You can also use this information to connect with them via social-networking sites.

Company Cards can offer you a great range of solutions for attracting students, including plastic membership cards. To discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of our team.