Plastic Membership Cards can help Boost Leisure Facilities Usage

Plastic membership cards can help increase the use of leisure facilities. With plastic ID cards, members feel they’re important yet getting value for money.

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly savvy about how they spend their hard-earned money. When it comes to paying for leisure services, they want to feel that they’re getting value for money and that they’re an important customer. This is where plastic ID cards can come in useful.

By offering customers unlimited use of your facilities for a set monthly or annual fee, you’re providing them with an incentive to visit more often. The more they use their card, the more cost-effective it becomes. Whether you’re running a cinema, a sports or health club or other leisure service, keeping customers coming back time and time again is a way of significantly boosting your profits. Once they’re on site, you can encourage them to spend further with additional services such as cafes and shops.

Plastic membership cards are a good way of targeting individual members and valued customers with special benefits that aren’t available to non-members. These can include personal features or bonuses such as tailored programmes or exclusive sessions. You might also want to start up an incentive programme attached to your membership scheme. This could offer free gifts or passes for continued use. The membership card could be used to get discounts on food, drink or other products.

It’s important to look for quality when sourcing membership cards and plastic cards are a much better option than cardboard. It’s more durable, even if the cards are stored in pockets or wallets for long periods of time. The cards are protected with a PVC laminate, which means that any details or images incorporated into the card won’t fade or rub off over time. Plastic ID cards can be magnetically encoded, allowing them to be quickly swiped on entry to the building. This allows members much faster access and enables you to know exactly who enters and uses the facilities.

Plastic membership cards are a great way of incentivising customers and increasing the use of your services. They make customers feel valued and more likely to return.

At Swype we offer a range of plastic cards to suit all needs, including plastic membership cards and business cards. For further information on our full selection of products, please browse through the site or contact one of the team.

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