The brilliance of our Business Cards

Handing somebody your business card is one of the first steps in an introduction. It shows that the person is confident on selling themselves and their service. It also lets the recipient know they are keen to hear from them, which is opening the door to a business relationship.

What does a plastic business card say about your company? Your business card is usually the first piece of branded material presented to a new contact – you need to make sure it stands out.

How can you achieve this? We’ve got a number of easy to adapt business card templates that you can use to create your professional looking and eye catching business card.

The business card has evolved into so much more, unlike the traditional type of business card, which would consist of a name, company name and contact details of the person printed on card board. The modern day business card can be a key to access more information. It can contain simple barcode technology which will transport the recipient to a website or even generate an email. Also by including more finishes they can enhance the cards appearance, helping the card to ‘stand out from the pack’!

Here’s some of the benefits of a plastic business card?

  • Succinct way to provide important contact details
  • Tangible so less chance of intended audience forgetting who you are
  • Affordable way to promote your brand with a personalised design
  • Easy to distribute and carry
  • Perfect for networking event

If you’re looking to take your networking to the next level, drop our team an enquiry here.

examples of business cards