Carbon Capture Programme Supporting the Woodland Trust

As part of our continuing commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce our carbon footprint we have signed up to the Carbon Capture programme.

This means that for every single sheet of paper used, we voluntarily pay a Carbon Capture Charge via the scheme, to the Woodland Trust.

The Carbon Capture Charge mitigates CO2 emissions by planting trees in certified Woodland Carbon sites here in the UK.

The benefits to the environment of planting trees are numerous and include improving air and water quality, preventing soil erosion and providing a sustainable source of low-carbon fuel.

The scheme also provides much-needed space for wildlife, with the creation of new woodlands for future generations to enjoy.

You can read more about the scheme on the Woodland Trust website.

Currently more than £900,000 has been raised by the scheme in total, which amounts to funding the planting of 227,760 trees in the UK.

As a company we are also constantly striving to produce more eco-friendly cards. We have recently launched new improved bio-degradable cards.

woman enjoys bamboo forest