Could you save costs and resources with Thermal Rewritable Plastic Cards?

The world of plastic card printing has been completely revolutionised with thermal rewritable plastic cards!

For years the choice regarding plastic ID cards has been between pre-printed plastic cards from digital plastic card manufacturers such as Company Cards and overprinted plastic cards using desktop plastic card printers to surface print the card. With a thermal rewritable plastic card this a perfect blend of both – giving you back the control.

The writable plastic cards are compatible with thermal Rewrite desktop plastic card printers. They are produced with a specialist thermal recording material which allows the surface of the card to be overprinted and erased up to 500 times. The generic artwork of the card would be digitally printed as standard and would not change.

This makes the thermal rewriteable plastic cards perfect for organisations which require visitors to wear photo identification during their visit. Now rather than providing a less than impressive paper card, or in the case of ski passes an expensive RFID card which is rendered useless once the card leaves the resort, you can now reap the advantages of thermal rewritable plastic cards.

By holding a stock of pre-printed plastic cards you can quickly overprint the necessary personalised details, whether that is text or photo ID. The details can be overprinted in a choice of blue or black and just as quickly erased once the card has been handed back at the end of the card holders stay. The card is then stored away and reused with your next visitor.

The idea is genius! Not only are you able to provide quality plastic ID cards, but you are saving costs and resources by using the same plastic cards over and over again – up to 500 times.

Over the past few months Company Cards have seen much interest in the thermal rewritable plastic cards, especially coupled with the access control cards. The idea behind having an RFID card with thermal rewrite capabilities could save companies who require short use plastic ID cards great savings.

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