Improved Fulfilment Service

ICM-3000 Card Mailer and Delivery System

Swype can now offer more from its fulfilment service, thanks to their recent purchase of the ICM3000 Card Mailer System. Swype already offer a proofing and Fulfilment service. However with the use of this machine we can now offer an ‘all in one’ service, as this machine not only reads the card’s data but matches it to their corresponding literature. As well as checking everything matches it can print and produce labels and finally attach them.

The ICM3000 Card Mailer System can also fold paper and stock the envelopes. This automated fulfilment machine will free up time and improve checking. Swype prides themselves on providing a careful, quick and professional service, therefore this machine can only amplify our current values and improve on an already accurate and and efficient service.

Don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team today on 01744 815475 to find out more.

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