Integrate everything onto one card with our contactless LEGIC cards

Gone are the days of wasting time organising your security process. Now you can simplify everything, by incorporating Legic technology into your smartcards…

Legic has produced an RFID card capable of handling authorization management for multiple applications, from access control and time / attendance management, to parking and office automation by integrating multiple uses in one card.

This contactless multi-functional smartcard is the ideal product for institutions such as your own. Many universities benefit from our RFID cards for building access, parking, book borrowing, ID cards, locker room keys and payment cards. The same applies to leisure and tourism industries, for controlling room access, clocking in, parking, event pass, staff ID and membership. Legic have combined many useful and necessary applications all in one product.

Some of the benefits of providing Legic cards for your Clients, Staff or Students:

  • Multifunctional use all in one card
  • Compact solution for holding multiple applications

Benefits for using Legic:

  • Easy control and administration
  • Multifunctional access provided within the one product
  • Practical and secure cards for student and staff use

In addition, Legic technology supports multiple industry standards including: ISO 14443 A and B, ISO 15693. Legic Identsystems was established in 1990, in 1992 Legic was the first in the world to introduce a secure contactless technology platform for access control. Therefore, we are proud to be one of the many Legic partners and provide people with personalised Legic Cards.

At Swype, we can manufacture personalised LEGIC cards, which can contain internal and external data. It’s a multifunctional product as we can incorporating any digitally printed design such as an ID photograph, barcode or text sealed between PVC laminate, to make your RFID cards extra secure.

For more information about how we can adapt your RFID cards to suit your specific requirements, contact a friendly member of the team today on 01744 815475. Or visit our website to see some examples of our work.

customer pays with contactless card