Plastic Loyalty Cards: Keep Customers Coming Back

The popularity of plastic loyalty cards is soaring; as Swype knows all too well, businesses need to retain their customers.

With the doom and gloom of the post pandemic constantly filling the news, it is understandable that UK businesses would look to defend what they already have by taking action to protect their brand and generate customer loyalty. As an example of this trend, a recent study in the UK showed that 96% of the UK population are currently a member of a reward scheme and 64% belong to three or more loyalty schemes – put simply, it is central to a company’s success that they maximise their repeat buyer ratio.

Over the past few years, Swype have seen a large surge in UK businesses launching customer loyalty programmes in a bid to secure customer loyalty and each time plastic loyalty cards are at the heart of their campaign.

Supermarket giants, such as Tesco, and their high street equivalents, such as Boots, have proven that a well planned and thought through customer loyalty programme can reap significant benefits and now other companies are catching on to the idea by implementing plastic loyalty card schemes of their own.

Swype Account Manager Sarah Sherman, says; “We have seen a noticeable rise in the use of plastic loyalty cards over the past 2 years. Many different types of businesses are incorporating a loyalty scheme into the marketing plans. We have produced loyalty and privilege cards for all types of businesses, everything from the local corner shop to restaurant chains and blue chip companies all with the same end goal – generating and sustaining customer loyalty. Many of our clients report positive feedback from their loyalty schemes and return to us quite quickly for further stock of their cards.”

Plastic loyalty cards come in many forms, from barcoded swipe cards for collecting points, to plastic card key fobs or even simple printed plastic ID cards which entitle the user to certain privileges or discounts when presented or displayed. Regardless of the size of their business, companies across the UK are very clear on the fact that by investing in customer loyalty, they are activating a key ingredient – not only in retaining existing customers but also winning new business along the way.

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woman pays with loyalty card