Keep It Personal with Your Plastic Card Printing

Giving your plastic cards that personal touch makes a difference. If you need a plastic card printing how can you personalise it?

The continued evolution in printing technologies means that it’s now even easier to personalise your cards. From plastic business cards through to loyalty and membership cards, adding that personal touch can mean all the difference to your customers.

Everyone likes to feel that they belong and that they are part of a wider community. Linking them together through an identity or membership card is a great way of achieving this. By using personalised plastic card printing technologies you can show your customers or employees that they’re important to your organisation.

Holding a personalised card also makes the card itself feel more important to the user and means that they are more likely to keep it. If your business uses loyalty cards for customers, then sending out a generic version may not appeal to the recipient. Instead of using it on a regular basis and instilling a sense of loyalty into the user, it might be simply discarded.

How you choose to personalise your cards will depend upon whether they’re printed in one batch or on-demand and how secure and durable you require them to be.

One press personalisation includes all the personal details as part of the artwork and prints off a completed card. This means that the text is secure behind the PVC laminate finish, which stops the details from rubbing off. This technique can be used for both text and photos and the durability of the finished result makes it a good choice for ID cards.

If you choose to have your plastic card printing handled in a batch, then you could use embossing as required to personalise the cards. In this way the details are punched onto the reverse of the card and the details form on the front. The data is then tipped with gold, silver or black to stand out. This is widely used on credit and debit cards and even can be used to include details in Braille.

Another personalisation technique for finished cards is thermal print. The text, bar codes or graphics are printed directly onto the existing card.

Whatever type of plastic cards you require, at Company Cards we’ve got a solution for you. If you have a specific plastic card printing requirement, one of our team will be happy to discuss how we can help.