Top 4 Loyalty Cards. Why not use Plastic Loyalty Cards for your Business

Read on to find out possible uses for plastic loyalty cards for your business

A huge range of companies now use plastic cards to improve and increase customer loyalty and promote their products and services. Not only this but by using these cards in your company, they can also be used as a brilliant way of collecting data. Here at Company Cards we tailor-make cards to your specification and provide you with the perfect loyalty card for your business. We took a look at which shops offer the best plastic loyalty card schemes on the market at the moment.


As one of the most popular online retailers it’s no surprise that Amazon utilise plastic loyalty cards. As with many loyalty cards, with every £1.00 you spend with the online retailer you earn two loyalty points. Once you reach 1,000 points, you receive a £10.00 Amazon Gift Card. Incentives such as this give customers a goal to achieve and so encouraging them to spend more in the process.


This particular plastic card is the prized possession of many women throughout the UK. As with the Amazon loyalty card, customers accrue points when they spend with Boots, either online or in store. When signing up for this plastic loyalty card, users must give specific personal details which then allow Boots to send various promotions, most of which are based on the previous items they have purchased. This is a fantastic example of how you can use loyalty cards to send personalised offers to entice customers back to your business.

John Lewis

This department store has a strong high street presence however they also operate online. As a major retailer, it is no surprise that John Lewis also utilises plastic loyalty cards.


These types of cards aren’t purely limited to retailers. Supermarket giant, Tesco, also offer a loyalty scheme. Shoppers throughout the UK will no doubt be familiar with the famous Tesco Clubcard which allows you to, again, earn loyalty points based on spends. As well as sending out personalised offers, Tesco also offer the renowned “clubcard exchange” where customers can double up points for certain items throughout the store.

As you can see some of the biggest retailers in the world use plastic loyalty cards to keep customers coming back and review vital marketing information such as types of products purchased and frequency of visits. Plastic Cards are fantastic for your company and at Company Cards we can create the perfect loyalty cards for your company.