Novelty Card Something different which will last

Personalize something you can treasure with our long-lasting Novelty Cards.

How many times do you give a Birthday card, Valentine’s day card or even a Christmas card only to be on display for a few days or a couple of weeks. Many people now recycle old cards, give them their children to take to school for art and craft lesson or even worse just end up in the bin. A new type of card is on its way. The new type of card is a plastic card which fits in a wallet or purse this type of card is better known as a novelty card. The plastic novelty card is becoming increasingly popular as it allows a personal message be signed on the reverse.

Novelty plastic cards come in many different types all based on the industry standard size of 86mm x 54mm. We are seeing a growth in novelty cards especially around Valentine’s Day. With companies such as “Me to You” who now offer novelty card with certain models of bears.