Physical Cards vs Digital Apps

The argument for physical cards vs digital card apps is something that we often come across.

“What’s better?”
“Which one creates the best customer experience?”
“How much do they cost?”

We’ve heard them all before.

We understand there’s positives and negatives for both. Sometimes it’s down to preference, sometimes it’s down necessity, often it’s a blend of both.

Whatever camp you’re in, some would say we’re biased but we believe nothing beats that physical card. Whether it’s for an event, payment, access or dozens of other uses. A physical card is more than just a piece of plastic or paper. It represents memories, nostalgia, good times and bad times all rolled into one.


Think about it…

– The framed match ticket on your wall from that famous 5-0 win away in your rivals stadium.

– The ID card in your memory box from your first ever job all those years ago.

– The event pass from that epic festival last year that’s still in your bedside drawer as a reminder to the greatest weekend of your life.

Or that mobile app on your phone. Doesn’t quite stack up does it?

Now don’t get us wrong, we’ve all got apps on our phone and they’re great. The loyalty app for the coffee shop or the access app to the gym, they work fine but they come with challenges. It just doesn’t seem as real as a tangible card does it? We’ve all said it when we’ve bought stuff by tapping our phone.

Plus, unless you’re a large business with dozens of employees, thousands of customers and a healthy cashflow then you probably can’t afford to splash out on the systems or infrastructure to set it up. Not forgetting the knowledge and research needed on whether it’s the right investment.

That’s not even taking into consideration the customer experience. Just think about the football fan on their journey to that famous win.

  1. Worrying about whether they’ve downloaded their ticket card correctly,
  2. Whether their phone charge will last all day.
  3. Dreading the extra queues when they get to the game as technology isn’t working.

Quite a list to think about when all they want to do is enjoy the game.

We deal with hundreds of businesses every week who understand the value of what a physical card can still do. We even work alongside brands who have an app but need a physical plastic card alongside it.

So if you’re looking to implement a new membership scheme, looking to sort access into your building or maybe want to run a gift card scheme then let’s get physical with Swype.

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