Plastic Business Cards Make a statement

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd then invest in plastic business cards. They offer better value than paper alternatives.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, anything that helps your company stand out from the crowd is worth investing in. At Company Cards, we specialise in plastic business cards that enable you to present a professional and memorable image to potential customers in a better way than traditional paper cards ever could. The initial outlay may be a little higher, but as plastic cards will help increase sales they will be worth the investment.

Increased Durability

Paper cards can often become damaged over time and once they are ripped or torn your contact may simply throw them away. Plastic business cards are extremely durable and stay in perfect condition. They can be sent in the mail, handed out at trade shows or displayed on stands without any detrimental effects. This means that they are more likely to be kept over the longer term and contacts will remember you because of this. Plastic cards are also a good investment for professions where you’re outside for long periods of time, as they won’t become damaged by wet or windy weather.

Something Different

Manufacturing your cards from plastic will set your business apart from the competition and will serve to create a lasting first impression with new customers. There are so many more ways in which you can design your card, enabling you to create something that is truly unique. For example, you can use a frosted effect, have embossed text or utilise them as plastic loyalty cards in addition, incorporating a barcode. Using plastic creates a more professional image. When colours are printed, they tend to appear more vibrant than on traditional card alternatives.

A Perceived Value

Once you hand over your business card to a new client and they see the quality of it they will instantly perceive that you are selling a high quality product. The look and feel of your card will showcase your entire business within a pocket sized piece of plastic. Customers will see that you value them and that you are looking to build long-term relationships with them, all through your business card.

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