Plastic card uses for clubs and societies

Plastic cards have a variety of different uses. Read on to find out more about possible uses for clubs and societies.

Here at Swype, we have a vast range of clients that all have different uses for their plastic cards. From membership cards and ID cards to discount cards and key fobs, plastic cards are a fantastic method that many companies and clubs alike are choosing to utilise. However, why might various clubs and societies choose to use plastic cards? At Swype we are going to give a brief overview of the possible different uses.

Proof of membership

With the membership base of your club growing rapidly, it can be hard to track who is a member and who isn’t. Plastic membership cards are a fantastic way to note who has joined already. They can be handily tucked away in a wallet or purse which means that they are less likely to get lost or misplaced. They can be easily shown at a meeting and then safely put away until the next meeting. Another option to consider is plastic photo ID cards. These are becoming increasingly popular as they have the card holders image and details printed on the front of the card to deter fraudulent use.

Discount Cards

Being a member of a certain club or society can result in you being eligible for certain discounts in local stores, for example. Plastic ID cards are an easy way to prove your membership to these particular clubs and so show that you are able to receive the discount. Again, plastic photo ID cards may be more appealing to your club or society due to the extra security they offer.


At Swype, we have 25 years experience in designing and printing professional plastic cards. All of our cards are uniquely designed and so are ideal to raise awareness of your club or society. Cards can be created with personalised details as previously mentioned such as a photo ID or membership details, however they can also be personalised with unique numbers, barcodes, promotional codes and expiry dates.


Plastic business cards are constantly growing in popularity. Not only are they durable and have a lengthy shelf life, but they also offer a professional image to potential members or clients. If you are looking to use plastic cards as part of a drive to recruit new members to your club or society then why not contact the team at Swype to see how we can help you.

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