Plastic Cards Expansion into Europe

It has been nearly two years now that Swype have successfully expanded its sales of plastic cards into Europe.

As the requirement for customer loyalty is on the increase worldwide so is the demand for plastic cards. This can be in the form of customer loyalty cards, membership cards or affiliated customer loyalty programmes.

Dealing with the plastic card market in Europe does come with its challenges in terms of plastic card pricing, plastic card marketing, suitable routes to market and the overseas transportation of plastic cards. Cultural differences and customer expectations can very often determine the type of plastic card required. For example, France and Germany are very heavily focussed on the loyalty card market with numerous plastic card loyalty schemes available to customers. Standard size plastic cards are more popular than plastic key-fobs and custom shaped cards.

Swype have been successful within Europe by understanding their customer needs for plastic cards. They have identified markets that are compatible with the running of Swype here in the UK. They have priced accordingly to take into to consideration the value of plastic cards overseas and the various sales channels. They have also set prices to take into consideration currency fluctuations. Swype as a whole have adapted their ways to accommodate the demanding increase for the plastic card market in whichever way shape or form – plastic cards, plastic business cards, loyalty cards, access control cards, encoded cards, magnetic stripe cards, membership cards . Also cards with personalisation, numbering and embossed cards.

Our current European plastic card portfolio consists of France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Norway. All of these countries have their own specific requirements and characteristics for plastic cards. All have their own cultural differences and all enjoy dealing with Swype.