Plastic Cards – ICE Cards

Plastic ICE cards can be an essential tool for anyone, especially in the work place.

Here at Company Cards we see the plastic card product used for a variety of purposes, from traditional plastic membership cards, to loyalty cards, plastic business cards and photo identity cards. However over the past 18 months we have seen a rise in new uses for the plastic card product, one of which is the increasing popular ICE card (Incase of Emergency Card). Many companies across Europe are now introducing the ICE card and providing copies to their employees to be used as a first point of contact in an emergency or crisis situation. The ICE Card is designed to fit in a purse or wallet, or to be carried on your keys, so that it is always easily accessible.

ICE Cards came in circulation several years ago and was mainly used as an information tool which could be kept about your person, detailing any medical conditions that you may have, prescriptions that you are taking, contact details for next of kin etc. The idea behind the card was that should you be injured or taken ill, those tending to you will have all the necessary information to hand to act quickly and in your best interest. The success of the ICE card in the medical world was astounding, saving many lives using such a simple, inexpensive tool.

Over recent years the ICE card has been adopted for many different uses. Many parents now provide their children with an ICE card which displays their emergency contact details. Children rarely have a form of identity to carry with them at a young age and some parents have commented how their child carrying an ICE card helps to give them a little piece of mind when their children are out on their own.

The corporate ICE card is now being introduced into many businesses and organisations throughout the UK. The information which the plastic card contains is bespoke to each client, some cards have emergency evacuation procedures printed on them, whilst others have emergency contact numbers. The information is ideally kept short and simple, preferably in a bullet point format to save time when the card has to be used. As with all plastic cards created by Company Cards we produce ICE Cards in full colour to both sides with the print protected behind the laminate overlay to prevent text fading or wearing away over time. Our plastic cards are the perfect solution for ICE Cards as they are not only durable but water proof and can be used in all types of working environments.

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