Plastic ID Cards Can Prove Your Age

It’s easy to check someone’s age with the use of plastic ID cards; this offers considerable convenience for both retailers and consumers.

With heavy fines in force for retailers who sell products to those under age, more and more are choosing to ask for proof of age. Even if you are legally allowed to buy the product, you can still be refused without any ID. For consumers this can be a real inconvenience if they don’t have plastic ID cards. These offer benefits for both retailers and to the consumer.

It’s not just teenagers buying alcohol who can benefit from plastic ID cards that prove their age. There are a wide range of items that require you to confirm how old you are, including some kitchen knives and lottery tickets. If you don’t have any form of ID on you then you will be forced to go home and find some before returning to the store. With increasingly strong legislation in place, retailers simply cannot afford to put their licences at risk and are thus checking that employees are enforcing the rules.

Proof of age cards are far easier and safer to carry around than passports or driving licences. People are used to putting plastic loyalty cards in their wallets and purses, so the inclusion of an additional card is simple enough. A proof of age card is much cheaper to replace if it is in comparison with the administration involved in sending off for replacement official documents.

Plastic proof of age cards are extremely secure and there is little risk of fraudulent copies being made. The photo and details are printed onto the card and then protected behind the laminate. This makes it far harder to copy and provides additional safety measures for the retailer.

Plastic ID cards can hold a wide range of information and data. They can include RFID technology, barcodes or magnetic stripes, containing everything from name and date of birth to address and contact details. They can spend up entry to venues as users can either use swipe machines or contactless readers in order to verify their details, rather than waiting for someone to check them.

At Company Cards we offer a range of technologies to help produce plastic ID cards. Whatever type of scheme you’re running, if you’re looking for plastic cards then one of our team will be happy to help and advise you.