Plastic loyalty cards – perfect for marketing at Fresher’s Week

If you are planning on marketing your company at fresher’s week this year, plastic loyalty cards are a fantastic marketing accessory.

At this time of year, many students will be starting to pack up their bedrooms and frantically stock piling super noodles and tins of beans ready for the start of University in September. With nerves running high as they wave their parents off, they will soon turn to excitement as they realise fresher’s week is about to begin.

Fresher’s week is a renowned time where students can really enjoy themselves. With lots of ice breakers and homesickness-busting activities planned, students have the time to explore their new hometown and get to know their way around. This is a fantastic opportunity for you as a business owner to promote your services or products to a wide target audience and plastic cards are a brilliant method for them to remember you by.

Most Universities throughout the UK hold fresher’s fairs during this famous week. Local companies are often invited to hold a stall at the event to promote themselves to the new student population. These fairs are usually enormous and it is highly likely that your competitors will be there promoting themselves too therefore it is your prerogative to make sure you stand out above the rest and leave a lasting impression.

It is OK to be giving away free sweets and energy drinks, for example, but when they get home, what do they have to remind themselves of your business? Plastic membership cards or plastic loyalty cards are therefore a brilliant accessory for this particular marketing strategy.

Rather than merely handing them out to any passer-by, you could take the opportunity to get the students to sign up for discounts and offers by having them jot down their contact details. This gives them a reason to keep hold of their plastic cards as students are renowned for penny pinching and snapping up deals.

If you are planning on marketing your company at students this year, why not consider the highly effective promotional plastic cards or indeed plastic key fobs? If you would like more information on the different cards on offer, check out our products page. If you have any further queries, please contact us here.

four students walk down hallway