Technology Brings Advances to Plastic Card Printing

Plastic card printing has been around for years. The latest technology is making it easier to print your business or plastic membership cards.

Plastic cards have now become a part of everyday life and we’d be lost without them. Technology is continuing to advance, with on-going developments in plastic card printing. This enables businesses to provide a better service to their customers and employees.

Plastic cards can now be printed digitally without compromising on the quality. When digital printing was first developed, it wasn’t seen as a viable alternative to lithographic and screen printing. However the latest machines can now produce text and images of the highest quality. This allows cost effective plastic card printing for shorter runs, as well as the ability to work to tight deadlines. Digital printing also allows you to personalise cards with different text or images, making it perfect for printing plastic membership cards or identity cards.

Plastic card printing can now integrate RFID (radio frequency identification) technology into the actual card. This contactless form of identification is perfect for security or plastic ID cards and access control passes. Rather than having to swipe their card, holders need only be close to the reader for it to register, making the card quick and easy to use. RFID Cards have been around for some time now, however until recently these have always been manufactured as blank white plastic cards which would be surface printed using a desktop card printer. This method of printing has both positive and negative aspects. For instance by printing the cards individually on a desk top printer you can personalise them as and when needed, however the quality of the overprinted image can not compete with the quality of a pre-printed plastic card. Also as the print lays on the surface of the card it can be prone to scratching off or wearing away over time.

At Company Cards we produce plastic RFID cards which are digitally printed onto the plastic core of the card which is then protected underneath the PVC laminate overlays. This method of printing not only assures high quality, it is cost effective and can be done in short turnaround times.

Technology has also developed regarding the punching produce of plastic card production. Gone are the days when you restricted to a standard CR80 sized plastic card, now your business and membership cards can now be cut to unique shapes and sizes. This is the ultimate in customisation and means your plastic card will be easily recognisable and instantly memorable. You can have the card cut to almost any shape you like, for instance the outline of a logo or product. A shaped card is great for increasing your marketing potential and is a good talking point when handing out business cards.

Most firms are now looking for ways in which to improve their environmentally friendly credentials. Using biodegradable plastic for your business or loyalty cards is an excellent marketing tool. It allows you to show your customers that you take environmental issues seriously and that you’re committed to reducing your impact. These cards still offer the same durability and quality as traditional plastic, but they degrade within a matter of months leaving no trace in the environment.

At Company Cards we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest plastic card printing technology. Our dedicated team will be happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.