The importance of plastic cards

Plastic cards have become an essential part of business. They can help to build the brand and develop essential customer relationships.

Plastic loyalty cards are a vital tool that can provide your company with a variety of important benefits. Indeed, tailor made plastic loyalty cards are proving to be increasingly popular and are now used by many different types of businesses. These cards are ideal for helping you to win new customers, retain their business and promote your services and products.

One of their greatest benefits is in allowing you to collect important information about your customers such as the types of products they have bought, how much they spend and how often they buy from you. This vital marketing information is easily obtained using data storage loyalty cards.

In addition to loyalty cards, there are a range of other plastic cards. Photo identification cards are ideal for staff or contractors and help in running a more secure business, as can access control cards. These plastic cards can be swiped to allow access to buildings or car parks, for example. They can also help to restrict access within the confines of a building, controlling entry to locations with expensive equipment or hazardous substances.

Event passes can be made in distinctive sizes and shapes, helping to reinforce the image you are projecting whilst giving guests a feeling of exclusivity.

If you want to demonstrate your green credentials and impress eco aware customers, it is possible to produce a biodegradable card that will break down harmlessly but is still tough enough for the job and made to the highest quality.

Plastic gift cards are increasingly replacing the paper versions. They fit neatly into a wallet or purse and come in a range of styles to suit individual businesses.

All of the various card types can be customised to address specific requirements. Experienced graphic designers, press operators and technical advisers can provide a complete service from design right through to production. At Company cards, we also provide a fulfilment service wherein we can post your plastic cards directly out to your customers attached to a personalised letter, or insert the cards into a brochure.

To view the full range of plastic card options why not explore the site? We’re confident you’ll be surprised as to the variety of options available in helping your business reach, retain and impress its customers.