Uncovered – The potential of Plastic Event Passes

When planning your event, you will almost always start organising ticketing first. Many of those who are in charge of the planning process will look into the most cost effective and convenient products available. More often than not paper tickets come to mind.

However, what if I told you all the functions of a paper ticket can be acquire in a ‘plastic event pass’ and for a reasonable price. Would you want to know more? Firstly our plastic event passes not only look the part, but are also a lot more durable which already make them a popular product for outdoor events such as festivals and fairs.

Also just like paper tickets we print barcodes and other forms of security features, although what makes our plastic event passes even better is that they are printed to the core of the card and sealed between PVC laminate. Therefore your event passes are not only cost effective durable and smart but they’re also very secure, as it is difficult for them to be duplicated and miss-used.

If your event has a larger budget you can also add more artistic features such as foiling, embossing and holograms. These often look effective and provide extra security. You can even have your cards printed with UV Ink if you want your event passes to be more unique. These hidden UV prints show up under a UV lamp and again add an extra security layer to the cards.

Our plastic event passes are reliable and along with our quick turn around and competitive pricing we are sure you wouldn’t regret it. Contact us at sales@companycards.co.uk for more information and pricing.

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