Why Do Businesses Still Choose Plastic Business Cards?

Technology may be taking over some aspects of business but plastic business cards are still useful. How can plastic cards benefit you?

Even with today’s ubiquitous digital technology, there’s still a place in the business world for plastic business cards. Whatever industry you’re in, they are an important marketing tool that can help you win new business.

You may do much of your work online, but this may not necessarily be how your clients have found you. Networking events are still an effective way in which to develop relationships and you need to be able to provide your contact information on demand. The easiest way of achieving this is with a business card. Attendees can meet with a significant number of businesses at these events and it’s not always easy to remember everyone afterwards. By handing them a memorable card they’re more likely to use your services or recommend them to someone else.

Plastic business cards can help in providing your company with a professional image. Handing over a well designed, high quality plastic card will cement the image you’ve portrayed. Conversely, simply writing your details on a scrap of paper will make potential clients view you in a whole different light. A card is also of benefit when they come to look for your details, as they can easily be found with the rest of their business cards, rather than searching for that piece of paper or an email.

Using business cards also enhances your brand and connects the plastic cards with the rest of your marketing materials. The design of your card needs to be memorable to ensure that it is instantly recognisable and stands out from the crowd. One new trend regarding business card design is to have your photograph printed on the card along with your contact details. This may help your contact to remember you if they met hundreds of people at an event. Another popular option is to have your plastic business card printed on a frosted plastic, this new style of card is very eye catching and will certainly help your card to stand out from the pack.

In sharp contrast with new technology, including smartphones, business cards remain one of the easiest networking tools to use. If someone asks for your details, it is quick and easy to pull a business card out and hand it over. There is no need to ensure that your devices are compatible and wait for the data to be sent over. A business card will not thus become a victim of technology problems and there is no risk of the data being wiped or corrupted.

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